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$50 Framed Instagram Prints

My Instagram photos are now available as framed prints

Posted Jan 9, 2013
For the past few months I've been experimenting with <a href="http://instagram.com/">Instagram</a> on my camera phone. Instagram is an app that lets you capture and share images with friends online. It's a quick and dirty way to record a moment - and love them or hate them - the retro photo filters can make you forget you're looking at camera phone images. <img src="/media/photos/blick-frame_mockup.jpg"><br> <font size=1pt><i>Randolph El Tracks South</i> print in 8" x 8" wooden frame</font><br> By request, I'm taking a selection of my most popular Instagram images, printing them at 5" x 5" and framing them in 8" x 8" wooden frames with double mat and glass finish. <b>The total cost of the print + frame is only $50</b>. <a href="http://instagram.com/planckstudios">The full gallery of my Instagram images is viewable here.</a> If you'd like a framed Instagram print, email me at <a href="mailto:jj@planckstudios.com">jj at planckstudios.com</a>.<br> Here's a sample of my more popular Instagram images: <img src="/media/photos/Rush_Tracks_500.jpg"> <font size=1pt><i>El Tracks and Chicago Skyline</i></font><br><br> <img src="/media/photos/Metra_Power_Station_Sunset_500.jpg"> <font size=1pt><i>Metra Power Station Sunset</i></font><br><br> <img src="/media/photos/OHC_South_WEB.jpg"> <font size=1pt><i>South Loop from Kemper Building</i></font><br><br> <img src="/media/photos/Rush_Sunset_500.jpg"> <font size=1pt><i>Rush Hospital at Sunset</i></font><br><br> <img src="/media/photos/Randolph_Stop_South_500.jpg"> <font size=1pt><i>Randolph El Tracks South</i></font><br><br> <img src="/media/photos/Rush_Skyline_500.jpg"> <font size=1pt><i>Chicago Skyline</i></font><br><br> <img src="/media/photos/Rush_View_West_500.jpg"> <font size=1pt><i>Highway and El Tracks West</i></font><br><br> <img src="/media/photos/Dearborn_South_WEB.jpg"> <font size=1pt><i>Dearborn St. South at Dusk</i></font><br>