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The Comas’ unique brand of psychedelic garage pop has been highly regarded by critics and fans most notably for their sci-fi love songs intermixed with floating synths and guitar fuzz as found on 2004’s extremely well received Conductor (2004).

Their new album Spells (2007), has stronger jabs and is quicker on it's feet. Space-rock lulls are replaced by punchy, tighter riffs. "I am a Spider" is a quick guide to their evolution - it's built on the same slow groove guitars that held Conductor together, but it is not passive. It takes. It owns. The lead guitar solo at 3:00 has a Hendrix backbone. Nicole Gehweiler with a Gibson Marauder. Paul Stanley played a Marauder in Kiss and Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore played one.

Conductor (as the name suggests) guided. Spells might be the manifestation of that guidance. The effects. The results. They're good. They rock.