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Jeff Wall @ The Art Institute of Chicago

June 29–September 23, 2007 @ Regenstein Hall

Posted Jun 21, 2007

I've yet to see any of Jeff Wall's work in person. Billed as brilliantly alive and genuinely grand (some 9ft by 12ft), his images of life and landscapes have shown at the Tate, Moma and other beautiful galleries.

Wall's dye destruction Cibachrome (or Ilfochrome) technique places the positive slide image onto an enormous transparency - it's then lit from behind.

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His lightboxes are custom built - I'm very interested in this - love to see the process. This show's pieces are all homages to masterpieces of the past. A perfectionist from Vancouver. Go Vancouver. Must see it in person they say - I'll bet they're right. I'll be there. His stuff looks beautiful.

A Conversation w/ Jeff Wall

More info about the upcoming show