Now on Display in Chicago's South Loop news article: Planck Studios Chicago Prints and Photos

Now on Display in Chicago's South Loop

'North View' was recently installed in the Folio Square Lobby

Posted Feb 7, 2009

Newest addition to the Folio Square lobby, North View was named for the view from the building's roof. I think the color scheme works better than I expected. It definitely tones down the oddly colored wall.

The decision to put this particular print in the lobby came after I proposed a plan to pay for the printing and framing. I offered to match every dollar that the residents (my neighbors) spent on my work. After we raised the cash, they voted on North View to be the new lobby fixture. I think it personalizes the lobby (and the experience of being in the South Loop) to anyone who's seen the glut of new construction hit our neighborhood. The view from the roof is quite different now.

So, thank you neighbors - for helping me preserve and celebrate our city. And thank you also to Flax Art and Frame and Dana Fischer who built the custom frame and installed the piece.


Folio Square Lobby

Folio Square Lobby Detail