Flickr Introduces 'Places', Features My Work news article: Planck Studios Chicago Prints and Photos

Flickr Introduces 'Places', Features My Work

'Interesting Photos' Pool & a 'Featured Photographer' Notice

Posted Nov 22, 2007

Flickr recently launched a different way to browse photos - by the location where the photo was taken. Naturally, the new feature is called Places. All uploaded images positioned on Flickr's maps are included in the search. It offers users a quick visual introduction to the city of your choice, with a spotlight on popular local imagery.

Flickr Introduces Places

Click to view Flickr's new 'Places'.

Friend and photographer, Joe Murphy dialed me into the new Flickr tools and pointed out three of my photos in rotation on the front page 'Interesting Photos' pool. They also highlighted me as a 'Featured Photographer' in Chicago.

Cheers Flickr - thanks for the notice...and Happy Thanksgiving!