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Posted Sep 19, 2009

Is it true? Yes. Yes it is. After way too much thought and discussion I've put Planck Studios on Facebook.

I usually consider myself an early adopter of new technology. So, I suppose this is a bit out of character for me. Looking back, I think my hesitation was ground on 2 principals:

  1. worry that my already nearly non-existent free time would get eaten up in the Facebook timehole that I've witnessed in others
  2. hope that I can avoid another chance to publicly embarrass myself w/ more writing

The timehole idea was pretty dead-on. But you can control the damage by only visiting your Facebook homepage once in a while. Lots of chatter there and it's from people who you actually care about.

And I suppose I accepted a potential reality of eternal public embarrassment upon calling myself an artist. So what's another drop in the bucket?