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Showing at University of Chicago Hospitals

Alternating Visions: 12 Chicago Artists

Posted Sep 13, 2010

There are currently 3 prints of mine on display at the University of Chicago Hospitals art gallery. If you ever wanted to see my work in person (and large) this is a great opportunity. I'm showing in wonderful company, 11 other Chicago artists have work on display, including Mel Theobald, Kathleen Newman and Renee McGinnis.


September 1st to November 15th
Gallery Talk & Reception: November 3rd at Noon

Gallery located on the second floor bridge connecting hospitals at the corner of E. 58th St. & S. Maryland Ave. (map)

Meet the artists on Wednesday, November 3rd from noon to 1:30pm. Refreshments and a gallery tour will be followed by artist introductions and a question/answer period.

Art making is a very private endeavor which is often followed by a public unveiling where artists reveal the unique integration of their inner thoughts and feelings in an environment which is alien to the reality of the studio. This public exposure may influence or inspire the viewer to see the world in a new and unexpected way. When that exposure includes numerous artists, the results present a more complex challenge. In looking at the many works presented here, it is hoped that viewers will experience multiple comparative realities which raise questions, discussions and an expansion of perceptions about the world as they know it to be.

This exhibit has been organized to include a variety of artists whose ideas might be considered as a kind of alternating stream of thought from one artists to another. Individually, each artists is highly skilled and disciplined in presenting a personal vision in the context of their creative maturity. Collectively they share a common bond in that they are all working in Chicago.

From narrative to abstract, from photo to painting, from organic to architectural, from large to small and any manner of other comparisons, the visions of these artists contemplate the human experience. Beginning with the simplicity of nature, the implications of all their investigations lead us back to the fundamental question of, who are we? And, for each of us, that forces us to look inward for the answer.

It is the beauty of art that artists provide a personal and often private interpretation of life, then share it. At which time, their visions benefit all who experience them by stimulating our imaginations, our dreams and our beliefs about who we are.

- Mel Theobald
  Artist /Curator