Long Capture Cycle at 1620 S. Michigan news article: Planck Studios Chicago Prints and Photos

Long Capture Cycle at 1620 S. Michigan

Two cameras, one rooftop and one beautiful sunset

Posted Aug 3, 2010

Update   08/21/2010

I've just posted a preliminary image build from the 34 transparencies captured during the evening shoot at 1620 S. Michigan.

I've added a behind-the-scenes look at a recent project of mine. Last week, I setup a digital and film camera for 4 hours on the 13th floor rooftop of the condos at 1620 S. Michigan. Looking up Michigan Avenue from the South Loop, I watched the sun set and the city lights appear - and I captured a ton of images.

Time Lapse Video : Film Capture (34 exposures) 7/21/2010 : 6p-10p

Now, with 34 transparencies and over 130 digital exposures, I'm preparing a single print - pieced together from moments scattered across the 4 hour period. This is the longest leg of the process - attempting to balancing the transition from natural to man-made light. I'll keep the page updated with news of my progress.

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