Proposal for 3D Cityscapes at CTA's Red Line Stations news article: Planck Studios Chicago Prints and Photos

Proposal for 3D Cityscapes at CTA's Red Line Stations

The CTA is looking for local artists to beautify their train stations

Posted Oct 11, 2012

Yesterday I submitted a proposal to place my work at one of seven Red Line stations currently under construction. In about a month 25 artists will be selected to submit a 2nd round proposal. These 25 will eventually be culled to seven artists - each receiving a station to outfit with a permanent display of work. The stations in question are Lawrence, Argyle, Berwyn, Thorndale, Granville, Morse and Jarvis. The CTA is budgeting between $50,000 and $100,000 for the artwork at each station. Wow.

I'm proposing a series of my new 3D prints (like the LaSalle St print above) where I construct cityscapes based on the depth within the photo - separating each part of the photo spatially. I'm up for photographing new areas specifically for the CTA or using some of my existing work as so much of it is CTA friendly. I imagine a series of huge 3D prints lining the walls of a station - I could definitely think of worse things to look at while I'm waiting for my train.

Below I've included some of the more interesting aspects of the proposal - I'll post an update when the CTA releases the list of artists to make it to the next round. Wish me luck!

Statement of Intent
I believe public art should inspire and build connections across a diverse body of people. The artist is responsible for accessing a collective sense of wonder - planting a feeling that expands within the viewer.

Unfortunately, the pace of city life leaves little time for reflection and aesthetic appreciation. We’re surrounded by extraordinarily complex and delightful scenery, but so often we’re preoccupied while beauty around us is unnoticed.

I remember first seeing the metropolitan framework of Chicago from the rear window of a speeding car. To my eyes the buildings were impossibly high and overflowing. I was in awe.

I want to recreate that feeling for my audience. Combining photography, painting and sculpture I will build a series of large-scale 3D, immersive cityscapes, sharing the wonder I experienced as a child. These prints are captured over several hours and contain hundreds of individual photos. I add, subtract and layer the imagery, creating spaces that illuminate our city, celebrate details and explore hidden patterns. Viewers will be drawn in and invited to lose themselves in a familiar but new world.

A 12 piece installation of my work hangs in the Berghoff Restaurant. The nearly 4ft square prints act like windows in the otherwise windowless lower level - opening the space and inciting imaginations. Large scale prints of my work adorn several building lobbies. A partnership with the CTA would help me bring peace, awe and reflection to a new and welcoming audience.

Image Submissions