Showing at the Chicago Photography Center 9/7/12 news article: Planck Studios Chicago Prints and Photos

Showing at the Chicago Photography Center 9/7/12

New Multi-Exposure and 3D work on display Friday at 7p

Posted Aug 29, 2012

I'm showing a bunch of new work next week at the Chicago Photography Center's new Gallery B located at 3301 N. Lincoln Ave (map). The exhibition opens at 7p and will run until 9. But if you can't make the opening, the work will be on display for the next month. Feel free to email me at jj at and I'll schedule a time to meet you there and give you a walk through. I'll have a few Multi-Exposure prints and a few Multi-Exposure prints with 3D treatment.

The 3D treatment I've developed is part sculpture, part photograph and the most immersive experience I've created yet. They're a lot of fun to check out in person. I love watching folks try to figure out how they're made - after each show, the glass is covered in finger prints!