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Wired Photo Contest: Show Us Your Holga

Show some love and vote for my photo of Matt & Kim at SubT

Posted Feb 12, 2008

Yesterday morning Wired.com posted an article looking for images taken w/ a Holga camera. The theme of the contest is hi-fi imagery through a lo-fi lens. I've since posted this shot of NY mod rockers Matt & Kim. To my excitement, it's garnered 100+ votes and is currently at the top of their 'hot' list. If you've not voted yet it only takes a few seconds: click the image below to access the contest. Then, click the green 'up' arrow just to the right of my photo. That's it.

Wired Holga Contest

Click to view the Wired.com Holga Contest

Thanks so much for your time and support! I have no idea what can come of this but the exposure alone is wonderful.