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Site Update: Social Bookmark Integration

Publishing my research history with Delicious links

Posted Jul 12, 2009

I'm excited to introduce the newest update to the Planck Studios site - social bookmark integration - more exactly, delicious bookmark integration. Delicious is a web service that takes your favorites list out of your browser and places it online. By sharing these bookmarked links online, they become more useful to yourself and to others. I've been sharing my bookmarks online for almost 5 years. Now, these links will also be published on the Planck Studios website - both on the homepage and via site-wide tags.

Links as Breadcrumbs

These bookmarks act something like a diary - they chronicle the development of my work. In doing so, they offer a behind-the-scenes view of my process. They document moments of inspiration (fine art photographer Edward Burtynsky's Manufactured Landscapes talk at TED), organize pools of research (histories and data behind the buildings I photograph) and begin laying groundwork for the evolution of my images (symbols and iconography in my second generation work). I've indexed tutorials for DIY camera repair. I've also logged the online forums I frequent and the local photo galleries.

Integration with Tags

In the spirit of organization, Delicious allows each bookmarked link to be associated with an unlimited number of tags. This pool of tags is now integrated into the existing Planck Studios tag library. This means that the Printer's Row tag will now display photos, articles, videos and links that are related to Chicago's Printers Row.

Welcome to the Pre-Screened Web

Delicious also allows you to selectively share your bookmarks with others - and keeps track of how many people bookmark the same link. Sifting through a collective list of favorites is sometimes more effective than searching Google. Back in July of 2008 Google estimated it had indexed 1 trillion web pages. That can be a bit more info than one needs. In comparison, delicious offers only .015% of Google's index - but it's the .015% that other people have actually found valuable. Learn more on using delicious for research here.

As you use delicious and find other users with interesting bookmarked links, you an add them to your network. Your network is the collection of other Delicious users: friends, family, coworkers, even new people you run across while exploring Delicious. It is a "people aggregator", collecting your favorite users' latest bookmarks in one place for you to view and enjoy. Once a part of your network, their bookmarked links are available for searching.

Delicious + Firefox = Daily Documentation

The Delicious Bookmarks Add-on enhances your existing Firefox bookmarking system with a new set of tools to help you create, manage and search your bookmarks. It allows all your bookmarks to be instantly accessible both in your Firefox browser and from your bookmarks page on the Delicious website. This means that any changes you make to your bookmarks in either location will be synchronized. For example adding or deleting a Delicious bookmark in Firefox will add or delete it from your bookmarks page on Delicious. Learn more...

Background on Delicious

Delicious was launched in 2003 as by Joshua Schachter. At the time, it was the first shortened URL address to integrate the '.us' top level domain into the company's name. They've since adopted the more standard URL - according to their blog it's less confusing to the masses. And masses they have - over 5 million users and an index of over 150 million different URLs.