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30 Years of the Talking Heads: Looptopia '08 - May 2nd, 2008

Posted Jan 7, 2008

Our proposal for a spot in the Looptopia '08 lineup was accepted. The show is on - The Interociter will be dressed as foodstuffs and covering the Talking Heads album More Songs about Buildings & Food in front of a projected video mosaic.

Looptopia '08 Proposal

Click to view the PDF (600kb File)

The Inland Steel Building was recently purchased by Capital Properties. Architect Frank Gehry is reportedly involved and is said to be contributing to renovation plans. Said renovation may be occurring during the festival in May. If that's the case then the show's location will be changed.

More updates to come as we're informed. Rock.

One thing to remember here is that Looptopia '08 will be a free event. Over 300 artists and 100 venues spread across the loop. In honor of such schemes, it only seems fitting: