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Catlin: Case Study of a Corporate Sale

How I placed 13 prints in a Chicago office

Posted Jun 13, 2014

The Catlin Group is a an international underwriter and insurance company based in London. When they opened an office in Chicago, they named the conference rooms after the great architects who's designs shaped the city. There's a Louis Sullivan room, a Helmut Jahn room, an Adler room, a Wright room. There's even a Mies van der Rohe room.

Venetian Night - 29" x 43"

While walking through the loop, Catlin management saw my prints hanging in the window at Flax Art & Frame. After inquiring about my work, we setup a meeting and I brought my portfolio to their office. We walked from room to room and discussed the best print for each room. It was fun to pair up rooms with images highlighting the namesake architect. Near East Side features the dome of the Jewelers building - a natural fit with the Helmut Jahn room - that's where his office is located. The Mies van der Rohe room was paired with Wacker Drive - this print includes several of his buildings and was captured while inside another.

Lake Shore Drive - 44" x 33"

After we selected a total of 13 prints, I photographed and measured each proposed wall. My framer, Dana Fisher (the manager at Flax) and I used the photos to select a minimal white frame and platform mount treatment. Once the frame was chosen, I edited the images of their office, adding a scale version of each print, framed and hanging on the wall. I gave Catlin a PDF that included the mockups and a breakout of costs for each print + frame. They loved being able to visualize the space with the finished prints, knowing the total cost of the whole project. In a few days I received a check for 50% of the project, then another check for 50% when the work was installed. A little measuring and some photoshop helped me decide the best size print to place on each wall and it helped my client feel secure in their investment.

I'm honored to have a large body of work on permanent display and attached to such great talents - the architects who inspire my photos. It's humbling. I'm proud to share images of my collaboration with Catlin and Flax. Below are photos of the actual prints on display at Catlin's office. Rollover an image with your mouse, to see the digital mockup I used to win the contract.

Printers Row - 36" x 36" & Dearborn Station - 36" x 36"

Near East Side - 33" x 44"

Wacker Drive - 33" x 44"

Orleans St. Bridge - 36" x 36"

Chicago Riverfront - 36" x 36"

LaSalle St - 32" x 56"

Marshall Fields Clock - 23" x 56"

Jewelers Row - 36" x 36" & Lake & Wells L - 36" x 36" & Randolph L - 36" x 48"