5/2/08 8pm: 30 Years of the Talking Heads news article: Planck Studios Chicago Prints and Photos

5/2/08 8pm: 30 Years of the Talking Heads

A celebration of music, architecture and video at 55 E. Jackson

Posted Apr 25, 2008

Come celebrate the 30th anniversary of one of rock's most innovative and influential albums - the Talking Heads More Songs About Buildings & Food.

Released in 1978, it is considered by some to be a perfect encapsulation of the band's essence. Due to its rather lo-fi sound and simple instrumentation, it is still very much a punk record, but the tight funk rhythms hint at what the Talking Heads were to become: a rock band adept at appropriating disparate musical ideas and melding them into their own art. Additionally, the Talking Heads were part of and leaders of many artistic movements, including the late 70s punk scene in New York City, the "new wave" scene, and the World Music crossover scene late in their careers.

Looptopia 2008 Flyer

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  • Friday, May 2nd at 8pm
  • 55 E. Jackson
  • Prints available for purchase
  • Free Free Free

What better way to commemorate the album's release than dressing up as food and rocking out in front of some massive buildings. Looptopia is one of the largest free festivals in Chicago this summer. Come ring in the warmth and join us for a an hour of music, dancing and silliness.