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Folio Square Match Plan

Lets put some of my work in the lobby of our building!

Posted Aug 18, 2008

Welcome neighbors!

To those whom I’ve not met – my name is Jonathan. I’m an artist and a resident of Folio Square. I spend much of my time constructing large scale images of Chicago and urban life. I’ve developed several processes that result in framed works at dimensions upwards of 4ft.

I proposed a plan to decorate the lobby with my work – at no charge to the board. They suggested I forward it to you:


I will match (dollar for dollar) any sales I receive from a Folio Square resident (or via referral) towards the price of a large print (or multiple small prints) for the lobby. This ‘match plan’ would cover all costs involved – production, framing and installation. In this scenario, the lobby gets decorated, the board cuts costs and you help me get some great advertising.

To browse my work, follow the photo link here or in the navigation menu above. The portfolio links on the left discuss the methods I use. Below the portfolios, the camera links can also be used to browse by means of capture. Works range in price from $100 to $1000 and are available in both black & white and color.


Hey hey! We've raised $1000 so far! Nice work neighbors. We're well on our way to making the lobby a more welcoming space. If you'd like to set up a viewing, please contact me directly. I can be reached via jj at or the contact page on this site.

And thanks for taking the time to look at my work!