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Wired.com Homepage Feature

My photo of Matt & Kim popped up on the Wired.com homepage

Posted Feb 12, 2008

Update #2

So, the contest is over - my shot of Matt & Kim stuck it out for a 5th place finish. Thanks to all who voted for me, it was a lot of fun and some great exposure. Wired even posted a Top 10 page to display the winners. Thanks Wired!


My shot's no longer on the home page - but it is currently in 4th place in the audience voting. It's an honor to be considered among these photos. View and vote for the top-ranked images in the contest here.

This is exciting - I've not heard anything official from the magazine, but it can't be a bad sign if my work is on the front page. I'll post again when I hear something more substantial.

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Thanks everyone for pulling for me!